At Ultra Outdoor Adventures we cater for all fitness levels from the complete beginner to the advanced. We have a huge selection of trails we use in Ireland, the U.K. the Alps and the Dolomites. These trails range from 10km to 30km and beyond! We aim to bring you on some of our best trails in our favourite locations.

All our instructors are fully qualified, insured and educated in their field of expertise with a number of years’ experience. We insist that all our staff are fully trained and up to date with the latest developments and continuous changes in the health and fitness industry.

If all you want to do is go running with us, that is fine, but most people take advantage of us and sign up for a trail running programme. We will spend time together analysing your running form, nutrition and strength & conditioning training. Not to mention the benefits of learning how to breathe correctly while training with our Chi running techniques.


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